Engine Diagnostics

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 service engine soon smCheck engine or service engine soon light on? That is an indicator that your vehicle's computer detected that something is not right from one or more of its onboard sensors and typically will indicate a trouble code or multiple codes. Depending on the cause of codes you may not notice any difference in the way your vehicle is running or your vehicle may immediatley start running rough and lose power. In any case you should not ignore check engine light if it comes on.

At Cypress Lake Auto Repair, we have the diagnostic equipment to communicate with your vehicle's computer and diagnose what has caused the light to come on based on the trouble code and in most case's our equipment can monitor in real time the data your vehicle's many sensors are sending to the computer. Our ASE master certified techs are able to read this data and together with the appropriate tests we can provide you with an estimate that can return your vehicle to top running condition. 

One unique service we offer at Cypress Lake Auto Repair is the abillity to program or flash the vehicle's computer right here on site. What this means is that if there is an update available for the computer in your car, we can update that sofware right here on site. Another way this service can help is when your computer needs to be replaced. The new computer does not come programmed, so we are able to program it right away without having to send it of to the dealer for programming and that means a faster turn around for you to get your vehicle back.


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